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Robo-Tank v5.0 Screenshots and Flowchart - Ideas Needed
(09-10-2018, 11:00 AM)rott Wrote: about the adding new light modes for morning and dusk don't those all ready happen with the current controller just extended the length of time for the lights to come on and intensity over that period and then reverse it at the end of the day for a (Dusk) effect and just use different color combinations and not really sure what would happen at Night Mode. lights go off and fish sleep like normal you could use a moon cycle with your actinic lights on just at low power

anyway just some thoughts

Some people like Irass want more modes so they can do more things like run just the moon lights for an hour or whatever, doing that with the current setup you end up losing one of the main modes as you use it for this. I'm going to set it up so it'll work with 1-10 modes, the user can add more until the max. 

(09-10-2018, 11:30 AM)aquaalgae Wrote: Rob, not sure if it something that isn't working in V4.2 or if I'm just missing it, but in V5.0, would it be possible to add:

- storm effects both on a schedule as well as initiate a storm at will
- simulate a 24 hour lighting cycle in ~60 seconds
- add more than 2 power bars
- more icons/names for outlets (ex. pump, T5HO, LED, ATO, etc.)

Other things:
- set custom reminders/emails after x days/weeks/months
- send a custom reminder/email after x gallons/liters on a flow meter

BTW, could you recommend a couple compatible flow meters?

I do plan to add options so the storm will run random times, schedule times and a button to start anytime. 

You can currently run a 24 hour cycle in 60 seconds, when viewing the light modes page at the top left corner there's a button "test modes" that will do that.

I just finished the outlets and scheduling for v5. I did increase the power bar limit to 8 and you can set custom names for each outlet and now, thanks to Iain, there are just over 60 custom icons for the outlets and DC accessories. You can also set how many AC outlets are in the power bar so only the correct number shows up, I'm going to have some 2 and 4 outlet bars, the 2 outlet will be 20-30amp SSR relays for heavy duty equipment. 

I'm going to make a maintenance routine that captures all the data when you start maintenance and there I'll have some kind of schedule for reminders etc... Once I get it made I'm going to post updated images so you can see if it looks good to you.

The flow meters will be improved and will have different kinds of alerts, going to have one for low flow and one for x gallons/liters. 

Here's a link for a flow meter, this is a hall effect type, there are some high end ones available as well but these seem to work ok.

Here's a larger one.
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Hello Rob,i was think that would be nise if i could use a water preasure sensor trough controller in main water pipe so if there is no water in the pipe because of damage or water service interaption the ato do not start,and when the problem will be solved the automaticly run......
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Hi John, I am going to add an option for a pressure transducer so it can be used for CO2 or anything else like ATO. Here's a link to the style I'll be working with.
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Ihave some more thoughts........Sth like auto water change......using ATO

I dont know if this working from schedules.....but i would like to have it like ATO working in  parralel

I would like to set a time or day or after every ... days a dc pump or ac outlet start throwing out water from aquarium till water level floating sensor stop to bottom.After,an other dc pump or ac outlet start throwing water till an other floating water sensor stops to higher point.

Also after water change  the dosing program get started....
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You should be able to do that now using the custom rules but you can't have a small delay on the floats which is going to be added. I am planning to add an AWC system similar to the ATO which will make it easier to setup. I'm going to have a switchable ATO/AWC module later and the controller will support up to 4 of those plus the default ATO.

Little update on v5, I'm hard at it. Unfortunately there's a lot to do that's why it's taking so long, managing 21 temp sensors, 21 analog sensors, 16 dosing pumps, 16 DC accessories, 64 AC outlets, 5 ATO/AWC's, 16 LED's, 8 Atlas circuits and 10 flow meters in a nice manner on the display has its challenges. I'm really happy with how it's coming along and almost done the difficult stuff so hopefully I can finish in a month.
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Thanks so much Rob!
I have a couple of additional requests for V5:
Could there be an option for delays, for example I'd like to have a delay of x minutes after the start of a feed mode before the feeder runs or x minutes after the feed mode is exited before a certain relay goes back on.
Also, the email alerts that is for a manual feed says "Fish Where Manually Feed" instead of were fed
Thanks again!
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No problem aquaalgae, on a side note I got those solid state relays so I'll be able to make up the PCB soon, hopefully I have those ready to ship in a month or so.

Thanks for the suggestions, now's the best time to get them in everyone.

I will add a delay for the feeder, I can see that useful to let water calm before feeding. I might be a little confused about changing a relay state when feed mode is exited. Currently when the feed mode is over the relays go back to the state they were in before the feed started. Do you have a scenario?

Oops on the typo, I seem to do that. Question is would I have spotted that when adding it again, probably not... If you search the controller sketch for "Fish Where Manually Feed" there's one instance of it, you can change it to anything you want. You'll see the other alerts above and below which you can change if you like.
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Thanks! Yeah, when the feed mode is exited I'd like to wait one minute for the sump level to go down before starting the protein skimmer back up
How many SSR will there be per box? And do you know the price? Also, there are only 2 USB ports so how would we connect more than 2 boxes?
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Ah nice, I can see that being important. I don't have a sump so don't see these things but my friend has one and yes when his pump turns off the sump fills and takes a while to go back down. I'll definitely have something for each outlet.

I'm going to have 4 and 8 outlet power bars using 8amp SSR's. Also going to have 2-4 outlet bars as well but they will have 20-30amp SSR's. Cost not sure yet on all but 8 x 8amp will probably be $140 with cables.

3 options for more connections. Those 2 USB ports are good for 15m of cable between them and we will say each device uses up 1m. So if you had 4 devices we can say 15m-4m leaves 11m of cable to connect the 4 devices. If you can keep it under 11m of cable you can solder wires for multiple devices to a DIY USB connector OR you could DIY a junction box with some USB connectors however all those extra solder points and connectors will affect that 11m of cable length, maybe after a box like that was added you could only use 8m of cable total for all 4 devices. 3rd option is I'll have junction boxes available, they'll have buffers so cable length won't be affected so you could connect all 4 devices with 7m of cable each.

Another feature I'm considering is adding 1-2 USB ports with buffer to the power bars, that would mean the power bars would have the same ports as controller so you could daisy chain them or plug other devices in. For example if you had a temp sensor addon or PH circuit you could plug it into the power bar output or controller, either would work. Of course downside to doing this is cost of power bar goes up and it'll take longer to get the power bars ready as I have a bunch of testing I need to do first but want to stay focused on v5. With everything I still want to do I'm booked for the next 3 years lol...
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Sounds great Rob! Do you have a specific sheet available on the SSRs youre planning on using?
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I don't really want to post anything on the forum but will send you some details.
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I was wondering if you could add the ability for the feeder to run then wait a minute and turn the feeder again. Some of my shyer fish don't get much from the first feed.
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Hi aquaalgae, I can't add that directly as most wouldn't want the feeder to run twice but there will be more than just the 2 schedules so you'll be able to set 2 schedules back to back to do that.
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Awesome. Could I have one start at 10:00 and the next at 10:01 even though the first one didn't end yet?
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Yeah that'll be fine, it would start the feeder schedule over. If you had the feed set to run for 10 minutes it would be 11 minutes because it restarts at 10:01.
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Would it be possible to adjust fan speed based on Temperature? Run fans at lowest speed required and jack them up as it gets hotter. I have some 120mm computer fans that I use for cooling but would be nice to have this feature. Maybe this is custom rule that sets PWM?
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Hi rbrtwtrs, that will be available in v5, the other day I got this added to the display. Instead of just using up/down buttons I got carried away and used sliders. These sliders are error free compared to the LED sliders that you currently have and more accurate. Instead of having the whole slider responsive only the marker for min/max is responsive. Also once you press a slider marker the touch is locked to it, you can move your finger anywhere and nothing else will respond until you release. When the min or max runs into the other marker it becomes one and the split button appears, press and hold that and you'll get a min setting again. I might move these to the custom rules but either way the option will be available.

[Image: Hardware_DC_Accessories.jpg]
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Hi all, so I'm currently working on the light modes and determined having a fix number of modes isn't the way to go so I'm setting it up so there can be a range of 2-11 regular daily modes and there will be a max of 11 temporary modes. Of course this has lots of challenges on the display so thought I would see what you guys think of the idea before I completely finish it. I have the first image reality and now just working out the scheduling. Previously the scheduling was done on a different screen but I'm thinking it might be better to have it on the same page. This is what I've come up with, is it intuitive or complicated?

When you access the light modes screen this is how it looks. Whatever light mode it's currently running will be selected and levels showing for it. Then you can navigate the modes on the left side to adjust levels for each mode. Sliders show up for channels enabled, if you only use 6 LED channels there will only be 6 sliders. 

- With a mode selected and you press and hold "Delete Mode" button it'll be removed. 
- If you press and hold the mode on the left side you can customize the mode name. The "hold" icon only shows when you can press and hold it for an action.
- If you press the "View Schedule Times" button the mode names will change to the start time of each mode. 
- When viewing the schedule times if you press and hold one you'll be able to edit the start time, fade duration or order of mode which is on image 2.
- If you press the "Edit Temporary Light Modes" button the mode list will change to the temporary modes and button will update.
- If you press the "Add Light Mode" button you get the 2nd image.

[Image: Settings_Lights_1.jpg]

When you press the "Add Light Mode" button or press and hold a mode when viewing schedule times you get this screen. This should be self explanatory. At any time you can change the order of the modes using the last option.

[Image: Settings_Lights_2.jpg]

I'm going to keep a shortcut on the schedules menu for light schedules, it'll take you to the first image but showing start times instead of names.
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There are 6 modes in the picture,
I understand that you can set up to 11 modes.
When will the final version be?
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Hi Irass, that's correct, up to 11 modes, once it reaches that the Add Light Mode button will disappear.

I know I keep saying a month and well it's probably a month away still. :( I'm working every day and lots of hours but this is a major job, I'm redoing 100% of the code and images and rethinking how everything works. I'm also not cutting any corners on the display. I almost have most of the difficult stuff finished, next thing on the list is an alert system. I was going to have alert options on the different hardware pages but that gets messy because you don't know all the alerts setup in a glance. With the new system there will be no alert settings on any pages, instead there will be a single page similar to the schedules. You'll press a create alert button and be able to select what the alert is for and if the alert should be audio, email or home page dock. Any other settings related to the equipment/sensor selected will also show up. Then there will be a nice sortable list of everything. This will be a nice improvement and looking forward to digging in.
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