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Robo-Tank v4.10 is Ready
Hello everyone, I've got an update ready, this one has new features, improvements and fixes.

Here's some issues that were found and fixed.
  • humidity 1-4 didn't show up in custom rules list after being created
  • home page docks had an issue with eeprom which could have messed with dosing pump stirrer setting or Atlas circuit enable/disable setting
  • fixed issue with syncing custom rule files on controller and display SD card, odd instance when a rule was deleted it wasn't on controller
  • controller restart email quit working, it works again
  • external IP email that goes out when your IP changes was always being sent when controller started up
  • fixed "syncing display and controller" feature, the dosing pump rate and dose amount was switched
  • other minor issues fixed I forgot to write down. 
One downside to the update is you'll lose all your AC outlet schedules, custom rules and custom labels as I improved them and had no choice but lose the old data. So remember to mark things down before updating so you can set things back to how they were.

I improved how the display starts up, even though the controller startup properly once a while when it was the displays turn to start up it just hung and had to be restarted or more likely the local weather data didn't load properly. 

There was a couple small additions, one was adding the main ATO sensor to custom rules. Now when the ATO triggers on and off you can have a custom rule turn an outlet on or off as an example. The main ATO sensor isn't monitored in real-time as you have the option to set how often its checked so remember the custom rule won't trigger until the ATO pump does. If you want an instant ATO you can leave it set in "test mode".

That main ATO sensor was also added to "port assignment" page, you can now set it to digital or analog sensor.

I also added email alerts to custom rules. When you create a rule there's a setting to turn it on or off for each rule. If you turn it on the main list will say "email" in green under the delete button. Today the custom rules have generic names but I will be changing that so it uses the custom names setup on the display. 

And when I added the local weather last time I forgot to create a shortcut for the home page dock so you can now set that up in the "customize home dock" page, I also added a shortcut to the custom rules.

The best improvement on this update is the AC outlet scheduling. Now you can set up to 10 schedules per outlet, each schedule can turn the outlet on or off and can be set for any days of the week you select.

This means you could turn an outlet on Monday at 9:00am and not turn off till maybe Friday at 8:30pm, or you could turn an outlet on using a schedule and turn it off using a custom rule or vice versa. If you want an outlet on all the time just set a schedule for any time and day turning it on and it'll stay on forever. The smart start routine has also been updated so it'll still search all the schedules and determine the state each outlet should be when the controller starts up. This new system will be more reliable.

Here's the screen you see when you go to the outlet schedules. The outlet color reflects the current status of each outlet, green means it's currently on and grey is off. If you go on and change a schedule the controller will look at the new time and see if it should be on or off and set it to that state, when you back out and come back to this screen you'll see it updated. To change a schedule press the outlet you want to adjust.

[Image: schedules_outlets.jpg]

Once you select an outlet you get a list of the 10 schedules, it'll show time, if it turns on or off and the days of the week it'll trigger. If there's no "X" on one of the days the schedule is disabled and will say disabled. The order of schedules doesn't matter, it sorts them before checking. Select any of the schedules to edit it.

[Image: schedules_outlets_list.jpg]

When you select a schedule you'll get this edit screen. Change the time to what you want, select the days and press on/off to toggle between them.

[Image: schedules_outlets_edit.jpg]

The next change was to the feeding schedule, this is something I should have done long ago. Now you can select a "no action" mode, instead of just on or off. If you don't want an outlet to change when the feed cycle starts press the outlet until it turns grey, to have it turn on select green and red is for off. After the feed cycle timer expires the outlets resume to whatever they were previously in.

[Image: settings_feed_16.jpg]

And finally editing custom labels has arrived. Now you can view a list of all the labels and change them on the display, no more messing with the SD card. I started with the labels that were already added but will be adding more now that's its setup. You'll be able to setup internet info etc... from the display soon enough. To edit a label press the one you're after.

[Image: customize_labels.jpg]

You'll then see this screen showing the currently label and what it's for, press "clear and edit label" and enter new label. Because the displays can't read more than one touch if you want an uppercase letter you press "caps lock", it'll turn red and you can type, press it again to go to lowercase. I think I have all the special characters needed, if I missed anything let me know.

[Image: customize_labels_edit.jpg]

If you have any feedback or come across any issues let me know.
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Very Nice update Rob:-)
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Thanks Martin.
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Looks great cant wait to try it out
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Thanks Kooibosmania
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Well there was a few issues with 4.10 so I've updated the download package with the fixes so you can download it again. If you already updated and it didn't work or you had issues you only need to upload the sketches to display and controller otherwise follow the instructions.

The biggest problem was with the web, if you had the network disabled it would try to connect not long after the controller started up and go in a loop forever, if you were plugged into your router everything would have been ok. The screen is locked when the controller connects to the network because during that process the controller is locked up and if you're adjusting settings at that time it can cause issues that's why some of you had no touch.

The 2nd problem was with the ATO, I made some changes but didn't wait the hour to make sure it worked when not in test mode, turns out it didn't and only the test mode was working. It should be ok again.

The 3rd problem was with the custom labels, I had the air and light temperatures mixed on various screens.

And finally when I redid the outlet schedules I didn't block the schedules if the outlet was in manual mode, now its ok.

If you come across something else let me know.
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Hi Rob,
Finally connected controller,  one question
Audio alert for temperature, even though the temp is set to show in Celsius, it shows main temp display in Celsius but in alert setting for high and low temp buzzer, setting is still in Fahrenheit.

Just for feedback,
since i didnt order power bar and build by own,
VGA connection were ok, but the supply to power bar is 12V and relay module works on 5V, so scratched my head for a bit then i found couple of 5V regulator boards in box,
all ok in the end, but i did power up relay module with 12V and all relays were stuck ON and got hot,
may be mention is somewhere that power bar relay module need 5V regulator PCB :)
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Hi Roger, glad to hear you got it going and sorry about the confusion with the relays. Because I use VGA cables for the power bars there's too much line loss if I send 5v out the controller that's why the DC-DC converter is needed, I thought I had that DC-DC in the simple diagram I currently have. I'm working on a real manual for assembly that'll have nice pictures and descriptions but yeah a little too late for you.

Thanks for letting me know about the temp alerts, I'll get that fixed on the next update. Even though the F didn't change to C it'll still work if you set a value to match Celsius.
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Also does anyone how to customise the temp display on home page, i got water temp ok but air temp wont show, in sensor data, it show air n humidity on air temp3 but i couldnt manage to display on home screen.
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Currently you can only use a DHT22 for air temp port, temp1 - temp4 can be DHT22 or DS18B20 by changing the option on the "port assignment" page. I will be adding that option on air temp so either can be used.
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(01-29-2018, 11:16 PM)Rob F Wrote: Currently you can only use a DHT22 for air temp port, temp1 - temp4 can be DHT22 or DS18B20 by changing the option on the "port assignment" page. I will be adding that option on air temp so either can be used.

yep that where i connected it, one port next to water temp sensor, labeled as air temp and temp 2 in manual, 
but reading of humidity and air temp shows  in Temp 2 in sensor data, 
on home screen, water temp at top shows blue temp icon, water temp ok, but under water temp display, red temp icon NA.
and there is no option to customise as far home screen goes, 
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Ah now I see, I think it's just a matter of moving the data wire on the green plug to the other pin beside it. On that plug 1 pin is for air temp and the 2nd pin is temp2. Maybe I have them switched in the manual. Yeah there is no option for customizing home page, that's coming.
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(01-30-2018, 12:48 AM)Rob F Wrote: Ah now I see, I think it's just a matter of moving the data wire on the green plug to the other pin beside it. On that plug 1 pin is for air temp and the 2nd pin is temp2. Maybe I have them switched in the manual. Yeah there is no option for customizing home page, that's coming.

yep sorted, Thanks,
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Great glad to hear. If you end up using temp2 pin you can power the sensor with the same 5v and GND pins as the air temp.
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