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Robo-Tank v4.05 is Ready
Hi, well I have an update a little sooner than I planned, as I was going along I found and was informed of some bugs so I thought I better put this out as some were major.

Starting with the major issue, there was a problem saving the custom rules on last update. This was causing them not to work or partially work. I also discovered that the co2 rule was on the display but didn't actually do anything on the controller.

Another issue was with the co2 levels, the controller was always set in kh even if display option was changed to ppm.

Fixed light mode icons on webpage, when dimming it showed a number instead of an icon and how much time left in fade.

Did a big change on the code for communicating between display and controller.

And there were a few additions.

Added ph2, co2 and humidity 1-4 on the webpage. If temp sensor 4-7 is set to DHT22 you can see the humidity on the webpage now. I know it's not idea as there's a lot of N/A's on the page, later I'll be redoing it so only parameters with values show up.

The main addition is local weather. I wanted the controller to have a sunrise/sunset time based on location and figured I would add all the weather data for that location and later I will use it for to simulate weather conditions. The data comes from OpenWeatherMap and you need to setup an API key with them. I made a file with images showing how to set that up, its easy to do. You can find that manual in the download package. On the display you can enter any GPS coordinates which you can get from Google maps or wherever and pull up the weather for that location. The data only gives the city and country name so provinces aren't displayed.

Here's a screenshot of the weather page. The boxed options at the bottom don't work today, I want to overhaul the lights before I do that.

[Image: local_weather.jpg]

Here's the screen to change the location. You'll see a setting UTC Offset on the left, this needs to match the time zone for the location you select if you want the correct sunrise/sunset times from that location. All the times from OpenWeatherMap are in UTC time zone so need to be converted. This is also good to adjust the sunrise/sunset times you actually want to use for your tank. Doing that instead of sunrise at say 7:53am it could be 11:53am. The length of day will stay the same for dimming the lights when that feature is added.

[Image: local_weather2.jpg]

And finally I added an option on the "customize home page" screen, this allows you to view the current light modes like it previously was or the local weather. These settings are under "Home Box 2". That customize page is just temporary until I figure out everything I want the home page to be able to do.

[Image: home_16.jpg]

Next update will be better outlet scheduling and changing the feed schedule mode so an option is available so no actions are taken on specific outlets.

If you have any suggestions or find some errors let me know.
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Sorry I messed up on the download package, uploaded again so if you already downloaded you'll have to do that again and start over.
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Hi Rob, update done right now! thank you very much! ;)
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(11-11-2017, 06:17 AM)simonv92 Wrote: Hallo Rob, Update jetzt fertig! vielen Dank! ;)

Klasse rob
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Hello Rob,

Better and better!...
do you plan to change meal fonction for 3/4 per day?

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Hi Dom, yeah I do plan to add more schedules for feeding, also going to change the "feeding" settings page so there's an option on the outlets to take no action.
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Hey Rob :-)

Nice work any plans reg ATO/AWC K0519 K05178
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Thanks Martin, there is already an ATO system and I think one could setup an AWC using custom rules. Once I get these outlet schedules updated you would be able to set a schedule once a week, this would turn on a water pump and drain the tank, then when it hits a float switch or whatever that pumps stops and another pump starts to fill it back up. The only problem using rules is there's no timer backup like ATO, I really like that timer in case anything fails.

How would you setup an AWC?
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