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Robo-Tank v3.50 is Ready
Hi, there's an update available, this one was focused on improvements and fixes. 

Unfortunately with this update you need to update the Arduino IDE programming software as well. This needs to be done because a watchdog was implemented but not supported until IDE v1.6.5. There was a bug in v1.6.5 so there is an extra file that needs to be copied otherwise the sketches won't compile. There are detailed instructions in the download package for updating. 

Before this update there was a problem where the LED driver would quit responding periodically, this should be solved now. The I2C bus was also set to high-speed mode from normal mode as all the hardware supports the faster mode.

I also decided to add some different functions to keep the controller running if something fails. There haven't been many issues of the controller freezing but with so many variables it's possible. The main part is an Arduino watchdog, this monitors the processor on the Arduino, if it doesn't respond after a 40-second timeout the controller will reset. This monitors the display and controller and resets the whole system if it quits responding. At the same time I added an auto reset if the display and controller quit communicating. With these changes if you reset the controller using the reset button on the w5100 the display will also restart now.

Some other small improvements is the way the data from the Atlas Scientific conductivity circuit is received and the formatting on the home page scroll box for all the parameters. The minimum opening value for each parameter was also fixed, this was showing as 0 until you did a manual reset. 

Temperature compensation was added to all the Altas Scientific circuits, every 5 minutes the current water temperature is sent to the circuit so it can adjust the output. This will improve accuracy, especially for the conductivity circuit.

The resume button on the home page use to quit a light fade if it was running, this no longer happens. It will only reset the lights if they were put in the temporary mode.

I also found a bug when new alarm values were set. This could have caused a lot of small issues but it would only happen when you saved a new alarm value. If the value matched a code on the controller that action was taken which could have been anything. It could have caused a different setting to change or triggered an action.

That's about it, nothing visual or exciting but should be a good update. Next update you'll be able to see the changes. :)
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Great Rob, thanks !
Sounds to me you cleaned up things you bumped into during your development.

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No problem, yeah more issues that showed up as different equipment is used, hopefully there isn't many more. :)
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hopefully this will take care of the gremlins :)
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