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Robo-Tank v3.10 is Ready
Hi, you can now download a new update, this update is mainly for the data logging and graphs but includes some other minor improvements and fixes. 

There's now a total of 16 graphs, one for each of the parameters that can be currently read. I will be adding graphs for the AC outlets as well so you can look back when things were turned on/off, eventually everything will be logged. Right now you access them using one screen so there's 16 buttons and room for 16 more. Later I'll probably put different graph data types in sub menus.

The big visual improvement is the auto-ranging feature. Before the graphs were locked to a specific range for that data type but with so many water types for the different aquariums it wasn't very good. Now when a graph is loaded it finds the minimum and maximum value in all the data and draws the graph based on that. For example if you viewed a month of water temperatures and the min was 75.48 and max was 78.13 the graph would only show those ranges. The graphs can handle any value from 0 to 100000. The min value in the graph is always 10 pixels from the bottom so you can see the difference from the min value and a no value reading (if sensor was unplugged).

You can also zoom in/out of the graph. If you were viewing the water temp and it displayed 75.48 - 78.13 and you zoomed out the graph would show values from 75.48 - 79.13. Every time you zoom-out the maximum value goes up by one which compresses the graph so you can see the curve throughout time how you like it. Later this will be improved. You won't see any zoom buttons as there was no room, later I will figure something out. For now if you press the left side of the graph it zooms out and if you press the right side of the graph it zooms in. This is the only setting not saved to eeprom so once you restart the controller the view will be zoomed right in. Later I'll probably store zoom level for each graph as some might look better under a different zoom. Currently same zoom level effects all graphs.

You can still view data based on day, week, bi-weekly and monthly. Later I'll probably add a year view but it'll be really slow to load. When you view monthly the date range at the top will change to 28, 29, 30 or 31 days based on month. I still need to do something about the leap year but for now if its a leap year it will show up during that day, other then that you won't see the 29th when you view a month but can still view it in all other views. I know what I'm going to do but thought of it a little too late. :) And you can change the graph style from bar to line.

The graph is updated every 8 minutes 35 seconds, if you are viewing a graph it will auto update when new data is logged. There's also no limit on how much data can be stored and viewed, its based on the memory card. A 4gb card will probably hold more than you want. I've setup the display to show the last 10 years but that can easily be changed. :)

An old image, basically looks the same
[Image: Graphs_Page3.jpg]

I also added a new page on the "Customize" menu for the options to customize the home page. I moved the settings for what data scrolls on the home page from the "Customize Display" screen to the new "Customize Home Page" screen. Later I plan to add more options for what can be done to the home page so that's where the settings will go.

I also found some more formatting issues on one of the dosing pumps screens and sorted out how they are displayed on the home page. If you press the dosing pumps on the home page you can switch the view from pump 1-4 to 5-8, before if viewing pump 1-4 and pump 5 was triggered it looked like pump1 was because the home page didn't know what was being viewed, this is now fixed, it will only tell you pump 5 is running and not re-draw the reservoir or dose number if pump 1-4 is being viewed.

If anyone finds any issues please let me know.
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This looks and sounds great Rob, thanks... ;-)
I'm not an expert but if I were you, I would reconsidder the year overview.
I'm not sure anyone would use it and it might save you a lot of time.

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you have been working hard.. looks good Rob
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Thanks, it did take some work, nice thing though is only a few lines of code adds another graph and takes almost no space from Arduino.

I agree Arne not many people will care but its really easy to add now so I figured I might do that. The hard part is squeezing another icon in there. But lots of other things to do first. :)
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