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Robo-Tank User Manual v4.05
Hello everyone, I have an updated user manual for you all but I can't take the credit, Iain Bonnes, user ID Nerowolfe, offered to redo the manual and put a lot of time into it, I think he did an excellent job.  K0507 Thanks Iain! 

The previous manual only covered up to v2.3 so this is a major update and covers all the features. :) You can view and download the manual on the following page.

Here's the manual for wiring the equipment.

Hope you all enjoy.
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Crazy, but great job!
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What's crazy lol?
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I do not see the new manual at that link. Just see the front page
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Not sure how you get home page, it takes me to the manual. Do you see this

Robo-Tank User Manual
Robo-Tank User Manual 4.05 - Updated Dec 2, 2017

but nothing showing?

I have the PDF embedded but need to find a better method, it seems to use a plugin as I checked on my phone and it says plugin required. Maybe that's why you see nothing because no plugin to view. Should still see the manual header though. There's a link on the left side and bottom of the website as well.
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works fine now, and looks good.. makes me think of the old days (almost 2 years ago now) believe that about writing the controller up and making it look good. Never would of guest at all these options back then
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A mind blowing 70 pages
That is a lot of reading to do
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Yeah it's come a long way and still lots I plan to do, I'll have an update soon with better AC outlet scheduling. Glad you like the manual, 70 pages is a lot but not to bad with all the images. I like the section on calibrating the Atlas circuits, I think that was done well. Iain's doing the other documents as well but he's waiting on me. In a couple weeks there should be something better for explaining all the ports and clarifying everything. Also making a nice instruction manual for assembling a kit.
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Great job on the manual. I can tell a lot of work went into getting it ready.
Thanks Rob and Lain!
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Iain gets all the credit on this one, I just sent him some images and he got creative. :)
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