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Robo-Tank ATO System - Standalone Product
K05163  This is one of them old school ATO's.
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Hello Rob,
With that expansion, can we also continue to use the ato of the controller?
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Hi Dom, yeah you'll still be able to use the default ATO. When you go to the settings page instead of it loading right up you'll get 2 buttons for either ATO. You can connect up to 4 expansion ATOs.

I probably won't have this update out before you get it so you won't be able to connect for a little bit. Only benefit to connecting is you can get email alerts and the ATO icon under clock will turn on/off but the one icon works for all ATO's so you wouldn't know which ran based on it. The expansion ATO has a lot more options than default so most settings you can change from controller anyways at this time, not sure when I'll add those additional settings as you can change them with the ATO and they're basically set and forget.
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    Hi to all
 Just to say my ato stand-alone is working perfectly, with non contact sensors

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Looks real nice
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Hey Dom, looking good, I like the blue. I really like the design of the bracket, hope there's no patent cause I'm going to copy it lol. :)
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