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Robo-Tank 3rd Generation Hardware
Yeah all the data is stored on the SD cards, it's not in the friendliest format at the moment, during this next update I'm going to make them better.
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Does the controller have a webserver built it? It can be controlled from the internet, correct? Can you see the graphs from the internet as well?
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The controller does have a webserver, I'm using a w5100 to connect. The controller can retrieve and send data to the web however it's all very basic right now. There's a single 3 column website that collapses into 1 or 2 columns based on screen size so its easy to read on phones. Currently you can only view all the sensor parameters, view and change the status of AC outlets, view the current light mode and feed the fish by starting up the auto feeder. If you have an IP camera for your computer you can alter a few lines of code in the HTML file so it'll show up on the bottom of the page.

Aside from that you can get email alerts but requires a free account with SMTP2GO and a little setup, it'll also monitor your IP address given out by your internet provider and send you an email if it changes with the new IP address so you can still access the controller if your away and your web provider changes this.

You can't view the graphs from the web or change any settings, one day I plan to have a full app but that will be a year plus away as I need to focus on more sensors and hardware capabilities.
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