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Robo-Tank 2.0 - Repackaged ???
You make some good points, another thing that worries me about HDMI, are all cables the same. The thing I don't like with the Ethernet cable is two are required for the DC module but at this time it doesn't seem people mind. The extensions can be a long distance from main controller so definitely long Ethernet cables are cheapers, HDMI is only cheap with short cables.
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Hi Rob! Very nice design!! What are you using to protect the main input from reverse voltage? I think I’ve seen a mosfet near the DC plug…
Thank you!!
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Thanks Simon. You have a good eye, that's a P mosfet, this is what the circuit looks like. Using this style there's almost no voltage drop.
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Hi Rob, So I love the new design of the controller. I like that it uses RJ45 for the extensions and allows more modularity. Question, I have the 2 revisions before this (the deluxe controller I think v2). I'm running that, 2 powerbars, the little non contact/optical sensor via usb thing, and a DC extension and a Sensor extension. I'd personally like to go all in on the new controller. What all would I need to purchase? I'm okay with replacing things if it makes it more cohesive with the direction you are going.

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Hi albinochicken89, that's great to hear you like it, thanks. I think you probably have v1 as v2 was only available mid Nov but both are similar so it doesn't matter. The extension you have will work on new controller so you wouldn't need that, just need to update reef-pi connectors with different pins. The power bars will work as well and you can still run the pca9685 expansion.

So you would need the controller and the two new extensions, this would be equivalent to the controller you have without extensions. The new controller doesn't have any extra ports, I just moved 20 to the 3 RJ45's so they can go to the extensions instead.

Going forward I do have plans to update the old extensions, they will have the same port configuration but sensors will be setup like the new sensor extension.
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