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I have a dude....
If i Connect 12vdc on the power connector of the main board i see that the controller start (display also start) but i have problems with the ethernet board.
The power led its on but doesnt connect to internet (the rest od leds od w5100 doesnt ligth)

The only way that all uts running its powering the 12vdc plug on the main board and also plug usb cable from computer to arduino usb programming port.
In this way all its running ok.

What do you think?
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Hi jmcadsl, that seems a little strange, maybe it's a bad connection where the w5100 plugs into the controller board on the 5v pin. The w5100 is powered with 5v though the 5v pin on the shield. The fact the controller works the 5v regulator is fine on the board as that powers up the Arduino. Check the power pins where the Arduino plugs in to make sure there is power. What w5100 are you using?
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Yesterday making some test i check if i press reset button on w5100 when its powered rhen restart the controller and start ok.
Also if i cut the 12v power and put on agsin fast start ok.

But i think i must check or config something because on display fidnt appear the informaion. When start show robotank screen snd stsring controller then then when appear the main screen didnt show info. Only N/A .But in webpage i see the info and i can change on. Off the outlets....
What can i check?

Add some pictures
Also if i press the screeb on icons do.nothing

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Ah for the internet the w5100 is to blame for sure. The style you have has a reset issue, you need one like the link, notice the reset button is in a different location and they refer to this w5100 as POE. For the display try a different patch cable, the boards sound ok otherwise you wouldn't get past the splash screen.
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I just saw the picture you posted, looks like it's an issue with the SD card, try reformatting it to FAT32 and add the files again.

What kind of display do you have? You might have to change the calibration file, try rubbing your finger all across the screen to see if it at least responds to touch.
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I try two times formating sd...but didnot appesr all pics i think.
The touch panel.looks.broken because i try withother sketch for test it and didnt run (next week i will recieve a new one) model its elekfreek
I connect a sensor.temperature and i see value...but i think the screen its not complete.
Attached picture

Hi again!!
I found the mistake....i copy all files to the sd card on display...but only files on folder 4.10 update
Now i copy fresh install and update files and display show all info !

Now i have the problem with the touch panel....but i must wait for a new one....

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Ah that makes sense, I didn't know what to think seeing 2 images on there, glad you figured it out. Did you load the UTouch calibration sketch just to make sure the display touch doesn't work?
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