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Power connection display boards

Is it possible to power the complete display through the Arduino hollow plug?
Or is it better to use the connector on the Robo-Tank display board?

My first guess it makes no diffence, but I'm not 100% sure...
It looks like powering up is different when I use the Arduino power connection.

In my case Robo-Tank does not start up when the power was completely down.
When I switch off the power supply and quickly switch it on again, all is fine.
I didn't notice this using the power plug on the display board.

In practice this might not be an issue because powering the display through the UTP cable (from Power Bar Board) all works perfect... !
Just curious... ;-)

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Hi Arne, best not to use the DC jack on the arduino, but you can use any of the others. If you use the jack on the arduino it powers up the onboard regulator which causes extra heat and isn't required. In the end it doesn't really matter, whatever works best.
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