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Possible Issues with Combo AC Power Switch/Fuse/Socket
Hi, it was just brought to my attention that someone using one of the switches I've been shipping melted. I don't know how common this is but if you are using one of the switches below I recommend replacing it as it could be a problem. The socket/fuse is ok only the switch could be a problem. You can still use the socket/fuse and wire in a new switch. The switch in the combo does come out if you want to replace it or you can add a hole to the case and use any switch. Sorry for any trouble this has caused.

Thankfully I haven't shipped many of these and just ordered some new switches from Digi-key including separate socket/fuse combos. I won't be using this style anymore and will always be ordering quality switches from Digi-key from this point on, cost is more but can't be having these issues. 

[Image: combo_switch.jpg]
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