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Logging errors
On version 5.20, the only thing in the logs for each entry is 12am. Issue with the sd card?
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When you say each entry is 12am does that mean everything says 12am or only one entry at 12am? Is this equipment log or graphs? It's possible the card is faulty as it can happen, if you have an extra one maybe try it.
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it is logging multiple events, they are just blank sans 12am in the time column. Which sd card holds the logs? assuming the one in the display
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I don't have another handy, any particular specs needed?
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my mistake, the log lines are blank with 12am being there only data on each row
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That's interesting, how are the graphs looking?

If the clock isn't stuck at 12am then the times should be recorded properly as it uses the clock variables and if images load the SD card should be ok too but I have seen strange issues from SD so still possible issue.

Can you try swapping the cards on controller and display? The logs are stored on display card, controller card is only for IP addresses and web login.
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Can i swap them while it's on our should i turn them off first?
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Graphs are empty
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It must be something with that card, you will have to power down the controller and display when you swap them.
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No luck. Found an SD card and copied the existing display card contents over and still no logging. Going to try to restore the card back to default tomorrow and see what happens then.
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When you updated to 5.2 did you copy all the new log folders to the SD card? If those aren't found nothing will log.
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I did copy them over when installing, as it was logging at one point after 5.2. I formatted and copied the "fresh install" files and then the 5.2 display files and now all is good. Logs have full data
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There you go, glad you figured it out. Strange how the images still loaded but logs wouldn't write.
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