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LED Stripes
Hi Rob,

I have several LED RGB Stripes, 24V fixed voltage.
What kind of drivers do I need to dim the LED-stripes with the robo-tank controller?
Where can I buy this drivers?
Please could you show me an example. Huh
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these stepper motor uln2003 and a 24v power supply would work
you can use those stepper motor boards to put this together
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Thanks, I belive I understand.
If I need more than 600mA for each chanel is it able to connect two ore more chanel oft the ULN2003 or is there a better way?
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Hi Roland, you can use basically any N-channel mosfet like the IRLB3034, this one handles something like 30amps. I'm waiting for a new board that holds 4 mosfets for 4 channels to make life easier. When you choose a mosfet make sure its good for 24v, they all wire up the same.
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Thanks for your answer!
works this item with the controller on the right way?
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Yeah it looks like it should work.
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