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Kickstarter Campaign Preview
Hi, here's a preview of the Kickstarter campaign for the Reef-pi hardware. It's under review and should be live in a few days.
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best of luck hope it goes over the goal :)
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Congrats on reaching the goal!!

I think I'm using six channels for my lights, and it seems the pi version will only have 4. Is that right? What options are there is only 4 pwm ports are available?
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Thanks midwestE. The deluxe controller has 8 selectable pwm / analog ports 0-5v or 0-10v so your light would be fine. I put that on so its more compatible with 0-10v factory equipment. It also has lots of DC ports for dosing pumps etc, AC outlets, sensors for ATO etc and temp sensors. Compared to the old controller this is missing flow meters, DHT22, EC and ORP.
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Just pledged for the deluxe controller and power bar.

You have any ideas as to what I can do with my old controller? Imagine I can sell the arduino. You interested in old controllers for parts? Is there an hdmi adapter out there to hook up the sainsmart display to the new controller?
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Thanks, I really appreciate that!

Only thing with the old controller is maybe run on a second tank, sorry I have no use for it. If it's working fine feel free to post an ad in the forum, maybe someone will get it from you. I don't think the display will work with the Pi but I will see if I can find anything.
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If it were working well, I don't think Id be getting the new one. One of the dosing ports was broken from the start and one of the AC outlets will no longer switch. I'm hoping with the lower cost of the new boards, you'll be able to swap out boards should any be defective. It really isn't very feasible, once everything is automated, to send off for repair and be without for a month or more.
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Sorry to hear, I thought things were working not to bad other than that schedule issue you were having. Any chance that AC outlet had a pump on it? There was no protection for inductive loads, I added a snubber so that should be taken care of now. I usually do swap boards if there's a problem, not sure why that didn't happen and sorry about that.
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It's been running a DC then AC powerhead. I did have that issue with the switch breaking and having to hard wire it, not sure if that influenced the correct behavior.

Glad to support your efforts, and looking forward to this new iteration.
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An AC powerhead would likely cause a kickback voltage when turned off so could be the reason. If a relay does happen to fail on this power bar it wouldn't be too difficult to replace as the outlets don't hold the board in the case anymore.

Thanks again for your continued support.
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