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Issue with Upgrade to 5.20

I most recently was running i believe 5.12 for months.  I added one dosing pump a month or so ago and added a schedule to it and it was fine.  The other day I added two more dosing pumps, and then just this morning added schedules for them.  Once I did this, I started experiencing issues with the dosing pump schedules and relay schedules not working.  At this point I decided I would just update to the latest software 5.20.  I completed this "successfully" this afternoon, but now, none of the relays will turn on.  In the display it appears that they are on or off correctly, both automatically and manually, but they are not actually on at all.  I have tried syncing the display to the controller and the other button (I think its reset or something).  I've also tried unplugging everything but I can't get it to work......  Please help!

Also, on a separate note, are you still selling the full aquarium controller? I'm not seeing it on your main page.
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Hi Aquaalgae, sorry to hear about the issue, as you've updated you'll have to go to settings, system and press sync. If this happens again doing a sync should fix the issue.

I believe your power bar is connected to the 8 digital pins on controller board? If so I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working, I did add a new setting that reversed on/off but it sounds like that's not the case. Try changing the setting in case that's the problem. Go to settings, hardware, equipment, view addons and edit options for the power bar. Then cycle the version of power bar connected and restart.

At the moment I'm not selling the controller, unfortunately it didn't work out.
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