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Is the deluxe board Rev A - latest?
Hi - very cool control system.

Is deluxe controller board Rev A - the latest?
I am looking to buying this of someone who is selling a deluxe DIY kit - their circumstances have changed.
So I am wanting to know if this is good to go?

[Image: RevA.jpg]
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Hi, I just released RevB but the changes are minor, that one is definitely good to go.
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It comes with a raspberry Pi 4 - will that be ok?
Thanks for the reply.
Looking forward to building this.
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No problem and yeah the Pi4 is fine. If you print a case make sure its for it.

I just updated the assembly link on website to new version, here's the link for RevA. The files for the cases are on page 4.

The other manuals on the site are fine for it.

Good luck!
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