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Interesting issue with dosing schedule
Oh ok, I thought something was still skipped once and a while like that. Well stay like that for a few more days and I'll have something to try.
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Thanks Rob, I'm looking foward to it... ;-)

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I basically have something ready to go if you're brave enough to test it out or anyone else? :) All my testing seems to have it working as expected but time will tell. For today I've only moved the dosing schedules, all the other schedules haven't been touched and still use the library so worse case is the dosing pump doesn't startup but you'll see that in the log. Once I'm 100% certain this is ok I'll switch everything over.
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Sure I will test it Rob, someone has to... ;-)
Just explain me what actions I should take from v3.6 to be 100% sure I can test it right.

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Great, I feel good about it, mines been running 24hrs with all kinds of schedules and its doing what it should. I emailed you the sketches, just need to upload to the display and controller, nothing else needs to be done. The library is still used for all the other schedules, just the dosing is changed for now. It also doesn't matter how the schedules are setup now, you could have schedule 3 with 10:30 and schedule 8 with 10:15, the rest disabled and it'll figure out 10:15 comes first.
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Hi Arne, sorry I found an error in my code so you would have had problems today if you uploaded before midnight on Friday. This was my mistake.

   currentWeekday = weekday() + 1;
   if (currentWeekday >= 7) currentWeekday = 0;

Friday is day 6 so when it searched Saturday (day 7) it changed the currentWeekday to 7 but then the line in bold says if currentWeekday is 7 or greater change the currentWeekday to 0. Meaning Saturday will never come. :(  

I've sent you a new sketch for the display, only it needs to be uploaded.
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Okay Rob, I will upload the sketches tomorrow and let you know as soon as possible... ;-)

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I hope you haven't uploaded yet, I can't believe I screwed up again.  K0587 Checked the serial monitor after my last schedule today but it didn't switch to Sunday. In the same lines of code I posted I was switching from day 7 (Saturday) to day 0 (no such day) day 1 is Sunday. 99% no problems now.  K05164 Smile I emailed the updated sketches again. If you already uploaded original patch then you only need to upload to display.
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Nope, didn't update yet Rob... ;-)
Please don't feel sorry, mistakes happen, no problem.

It's around 10:35 overhere, I can update today if you want me to.
We can also wait a bit longer for you to check your code.
What suits you best Rob, no problem.

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Its up to you if you want to update now or later, you can certainly wait a while.
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Did the update, let's wait and see... ;-)

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Sounds good
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A picture is worth a thousand words:


Looks to me it works Rob, great job...  K0507
I'm not sure how the pump running time is determined, I mean the time between pump startup and pump finished.

I wasn't there to actually see pump 5 running but looking at the running time, it looks like it did not run.
I think it did but I can check it tomorrow and see for myself.

EDIT: The 15:15 dosing worked perfect too...  K05108

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Hi Arne, looks good, I see how pump5 wasn't run very long, the schedule did its thing though as it was started and stopped. Maybe try adjusting the settings on that pump.
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That's correct Rob, for some reason the pump rate on pump 5 went back from 1000 ms/ml to 10ms/ml.
But at this moment it looks okay to me... ;-)

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Glad you found that and big thank-you for the donation Arne, I greatly appreciate that. If a schedule goes off you can be assured all schedules before that one went off as well otherwise it wouldn't have figured out the next scheduled time.
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It seems like dosing works perfect now Rob, it really does...  Smile
I will keep monitoring it and keep you posted.

My donation is to show you my appreciation Rob. You're always willing to help no matter what, that's hard to find nowadays...

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Sounds good, I'm pretty sure everything should be ok now regarding schedules, now I'll swap the remaining over to this system.
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