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How to dim the chianese black box led's
I still have the 2 water cases with the acrylic front and screen holders for 7 inch screens wish i could use the 2 i bought for version 1 and 2 of roboreef
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Yeah unfortunately those don't work with the Pi, even the official Pi screens aren't very good.
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I figured that how well did robo tank on arduino run them ?
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The Pi screens don't work on the Arduino that I know of, just the type you have.
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I am going to try and figure out how to auto feed this unit also with the pi

I mean the 2 old ones I have they are both 7" touch screens and I still have 2 robo tank controllers from back in the day
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You should be able to use the old controller but the feeder might not connect directly, depends how it works.
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that or the circuit boards might become my new fish :)

has a relay in it you can hear it turn on to start feeding

anyway time for me to go to bed
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If you're able to figure out which pin on the relay switches it you should be able to connect it to an output. Have a good night!
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