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Hardware ports
Hi Rob,
first of all I'm very happy with the new look of the v 5.00!!!
I'm trying to connect my hardware to my REV-E board following the "Robo-Tank Gen2 Connecting the Equipment.pdf" file.
I think that there's something wrong (or that I'm doing wrong)
To test it I connect a DHT22 to Plug 7 on the pin labeled as "Light" which should be Port 9. I set the type sensor on Port 9 to DHT22 but on the main screen and even in the Sensors tab I couldn't see anything.
If I set it to Port 11 (even if it connect to port 9) it now works on the main page but not on the Sensor reading tab.

Another strange thing is that the keyboard to customize the labels didn't show on the screen but this is regarding the software...

Thank you vvery much!

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Hi Simone, glad to hear you got it installed, did you have any trouble with the install?

I looked into the missing keyboard, this was an image I forgot to copy over. You also didn't see the splash screen when display turns on for the same reason. For today copy all the images from v4.2 back to your display SD card in case there's a couple others I forgot, I'll have to go through it to make sure I got them all.

For the port not working this is something I forgot to mention. I didn't setup the controller to cover all the ports on Gen 2 hardware, now Gen2 becomes Gen3 basically. This means you won't have access to all 7 temp sensor ports, now you can only use 5 of them. The last two you can't, "temp3 and temp4". You also will lose access to the last 2 flow meter ports and the last 4 dosing pumps.

It's possible you will gain access again to those ports but I just had too much to track without trying to make the software cover two board types. I hope this isn't a big problem for you.

The Sensor parameter page currently isn't working, will be soon. All you will get is a bunch of empty boxes.
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Hi Rob, no trouble with the install, the only thing I didn’t find the folder for the weather setup...
No problem for the number of sensors, there are plenty of them :D I only have to know which physical port or pin correspond to the ones on the program...
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There is no folder for weather, you just need to add your OpenWeather API key code in the controller sketch. For the email alerts you enter the data on the system settings page. I forgot the API key that's why it's not there but will be later.

For the port numbers you can get it from the new faceplate. Here's a link. For everything start with the first port on your controller and it'll be the same as the first port for same type on faceplate. For example water temp is the first temp port on Gen 2, that would be "temp 1 / port 9" in the software.
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Hi rob, sorry for the delay... I've inserted the API Key in the controller sketch but it didn't work... in the Local Weather tab I couldn't see anything...

I also found another small Issue... on my controller the screen saver seems not work, even the fade to black function... After the set time nothing happen...
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Hi Simone, on the local weather settings screen can you change something and then save it to see if it then works. There was a small glitch that on startup of controller sometimes the weather data wasn't retrieved until the next check comes around an hour later, I just got this fixed. Other than that if the API key is added it should work. Can you email me your API key and I'll add it to mine to make sure it's valid.

The screensaver isn't working because it wasn't added yet, only the settings. I do have it done now though and should have the update completed over the weekend.
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Thank you Rob, afer the night the weather works! I have another strange problem... If I connect the controller to the network, after some time on the display it shows that there's no connection to the controller and I have to reboot to make it work again...

[Image: 7cc13ecb931940a8105737cdd83bb86b-full.jpg] upload
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Yeah that weather issue was the startup glitch, sound be fixed in next update. As for controller losing connection to display that's not good, when that happens does the temp data still update on display or freeze?
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