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Had a problem with outlet 6 & 7...

I had a problem with outlet 6 and 7.
This caused the problem...



Was this tested??

Kind regards,


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If you had soldering iron, you can easily remove that "bridge" between those points. :)
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Hi Arne, oh no that doesn't look good, because you didn't have me program and mount the Arduinos I didn't test them as I don't open them. I use my Arduinos for testing in this case. I don't think it will have damaged the board, if you can break the solder with your soldering iron it should be ok.
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Thanks, I already did solve it by removing this shortage... ;-)
But Rob... you did program and mount my Arduinos...

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Oh, my bad, I looked back on your order and saw you didn't check the option so I assumed I didn't, that's why I mentioned that before. Makes sense I wouldn't have seen it anyways, when I check the outlets I simply turn them all on and check for voltage so the short wouldn't have been seen. You can bet I'll be looking at all the boards from now on, I already looked at the ones I have. :) Thankfully they're all good. I've had good luck with these boards, they seem to be pretty well made but yeah sometimes the soldering can be a little sloppy.
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When you switch them all on and off, it's working fine.
The problem showed up when I only wanted to control Outlet 6 or 7...
I couldn't switch on Outlet 6 unless Outlet 7 was already on.
I couldn't switch on Outlet 7 unless Outlet 6 was already on.
I know, when you read this it doesn't make sense... ;-)

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I think it makes sense, that's why I didn't see it if that makes sense. :)
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Yes, it makes sence... ;-))

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