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Gen 2 Hardware Mod Required
Hi, well I have some bad news today, there's a problem with channel 1-8 for the LED's. On this board I added an onboard signal converter to change the 5v PWM signal, one of the options was to keep it in 5v PWM signal however there's a resistor that is affecting the very low end of the 0-5v PWM signal. Because of this when a channel is set below 50 the voltage is very low and the resistor is taking it to ground and cutting off the low voltages to the driver. It's likely the driver will turn off when you get to a value of 45 and start flickering just before this as its cutting in and out.

If you require 8 channels or less for the LED system channel 9-16 on the controller will work fine. If you require more than 8 channels and require the 0-5v PWM signal a modification to the main board is required.

This involves removing a resistor and soldering the resistor pads so both pads connect. Then a jumper is required from the signal converter header to another header on the board. Here's an image of how the modification should look, channel 1 was modified, channel 2-7 wasn't. The channel number on the picture is beside the resistor affecting that channel.

I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, please contact me if you require help.

[Image: LED_Channel_Mod.JPG]
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Here's another way to solve the problem, this is Arne's board, he removed the 4 IC's, removed some resistors and replaced some with solder to jump the pads. This is the better way to go if you can remove the IC's.

[Image: LED_Channel_Mod2.JPG]
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