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Feeding Option
Any ideas when the feeding option will work on pumps?
I have version 6.5 running good at the moment but have to manually shut down my pumps
every time I feed.

Also, I might have found a bug in 6.5.
When I log in every once in a wile the whole system shuts down and reboots.

Is this normal?


Cadmanj K05106
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Hi, sorry don't have a timeline for the feed mode yet but it's coming up on the list. Right now if you schedule the feed you would have to add extra schedules to turn off the pumps at the same time. If you feed manually you could add a toggle switch that you could use to create a couple custom rules. When the switch is on it could turn off all the equipment assigned or vice versa. When I add the feed mode the manual feed will be the same except the toggle switch will be a button in the app.

Someone the other day actually messaged me about a similar issue, when he logged in with his phone all the outlets would turn off and it was random as well but sometimes he would only see a black screen. Any chance you're using a phone or two devices? I personally can't load the app on my phone as it will no longer allow me to update the browsers, at least that's what I always assumed, there could be compatibility issues. Let me know how you're accessing it and we'll go from there. Thanks for letting me know.
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On other thing, in the app if you go to "logs" screen do you see any entries that the controller reboot or something that looks odd at the time it happened?
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      I do use my Iphone and Ipad randomly.
also in the logs it says Manual rebooted controller.


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Thanks for the info, I think it's related to those. Now that we are aware of it try and make note if it happens only when you use those devices.
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