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E-mail setup
Hi Simone, so I just loaded up the forum and happened to see you were the last poster but that's not right because I did reply to this yesterday, I know I even pressed post reply because the post started a 2nd page on the thread. So I don't know what the heck happened and why the message isn't posted. I know I'm not going crazy because I looked up a Keystone RJ45 just to be sure I knew what I was talking about.

When the communications quits working is it only that and controller is still functioning? Did you try logging into the web page to see if it responds? There is nothing setup to notify if communication is lost to display, the only way this can really happen is if the controller locks up and if that's happening it wouldn't be able to send that alert.

Yes can you try reconnecting to the network and restart the controller after you do and mark down the time when you did this and then if it locks the display should show you the time it froze and maybe that will lead me to something. I'm wondering if it's happening every hour or whatever or random.

You can use a Keystone RJ45 just be sure to get all the wire in the correct spot. :) UART can travel far, it's been tested up to 100ft but probably work further.
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Thank you very much Rob, not a problem for the little delay :D Ok for the Keystone plug, I'm working on a new housing for the display, in the next days I'll post something on the forum...

this evening I'll put the controller back on the network again and see what happens, I have also reserve an IP on the router to Robo-Tank's mac address so there will be no problem with the address...

Thank you again Rob! :)
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No problem. Did you add the IP to the controller sketch? The connection to the network is done via DHCP, not sure if that will cause an issue?
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Hi rob, no, I didn't modify anything on the controller sketch... So I started it at 21.55 yesterday 22/06 and it locks at 7.53am on 23/06...
Browser page doesn't work, only the display works but data are not updated...
Another strange thing, this night at 00.53 - 01.53 - 02.53 - 03.53 I've received some emails that shows "External IP Address Changed" but it always the same only with strange characters at the end...
Hope this will help...
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Hi Simone, based on the times it looks like it's freezes when it gets IP address but only sometimes. I wouldn't have seen that but it runs in line with those IP checks, every hour that happens, at 04:53, 05:53 and 06:53 it must have retrieved the correct address as you didn't get the email but at 07:53 something happened when it was checking and it never timed out.

I have experienced some of those external IP emails with garbage at the end but it's never froze so that's different. I guess for now disable the web and I will make some changes for the upcoming update. As there's a definite issue with that and its freezing during the process they probably go together.
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Thank you very much Rob! just for reference I had another freeze today at 11.48, so it is random... If can help you I can send you the e-mails with the IP... Let me know..
Thank you

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