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Dosing Pump with Magnetic Stirrers
As I said in the title I decide to build a  4ch dosing pump with Magnetic Stirrers for Robotank.

The case is from MDF...

[Image: 45445174895_350d9bfb6f_z.jpg&key=a1d4d12...bc3752e409]

I drill the holes

[Image: 31418329457_c699cb723d_c.jpg&key=c9e1213...a312cc1d54]

[Image: 46357544831_6bc9651dc7_c.jpg&key=a83d6b8...b10dc56fec]

[Image: 43434562170_72fa281212_c.jpg&key=1512f37...09cf4f1245]

and I painted black

[Image: 45728466982_1e62d9371b_c.jpg&key=3b3ba58...82292cbdf8]
I add also LED indication lights

[Image: 45445173875_a1ae416dfc_c.jpg&key=bbf0f7d...c9cee90dcf]

[Image: 45445171205_3f463c3903_c.jpg&key=9923ef0...802e192f6a]

[Image: 46357544661_b56f5aafac_z.jpg&key=72cafde...04943a02f6]

the pumps are connected with utp...

[Image: 45445173605_8f41f52638_c.jpg&key=242486e...69de21c82a]

[Image: 45445173345_23487e0c99_z.jpg&key=264ffa4...d4b41de124]

[Image: 46357546301_dd753e61e0_c.jpg&key=a1c18b0...6a480762f7]

[Image: 45445172925_be983bae60_z.jpg&key=e7906b9...7c08f9fa5d]

then I drill the case for the Magnetic Stirrers buttons

[Image: 45445171825_fd5ec13b48_c.jpg&key=8901ce8...241dd18059]

I connect Rob's PCB with the motors and the buttons...

[Image: 45445172035_aee94eea9e_z.jpg&key=7166106...fcb15c0280]

[Image: 46357545421_0b6fb2859c_z.jpg&key=bb2967f...244a1bed87]

[Image: 46357545261_3c8fdb2166_c.jpg&key=5fa4597...a24cf86d19]

and I place everything in my case...

[Image: 31418326287_ef52c3b448_c.jpg&key=73b7e50...3fa1deff69]

I stabilize the motors with shelves edges...

[Image: 46357545951_6ababe8575_z.jpg&key=e949364...bb981f03aa]
[Image: 45445172395_78714aa4e0_z.jpg&key=8c9cda2...3d8596cf6b]
[Image: 45445170285_e27464143a_z.jpg&key=954d6b5...e927b05b58]

and ready....

[Image: 45445171445_c0fc20485c_c.jpg&key=30e1869...51d91b5173]

Because the bottom of the bottles that I have found is not straight and the magnets are jumping and making a lot of noise I decide to build my own liquid container from polycarbonate in the dimensions of my case...

After that I am going to build a LED light for my Discus Tank...
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Hi Aquadominus, that looks really good, now you just need the controller. Isn't it amazing how hard it is to find a decent bottle with a flat bottom, mine are noisy too because the middle has a peak, I actually put my bottles off centered which help. Good luck with your light, I'm sure it will turn out nice.
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Thanks Rob the truth is that you helpe me a lot with the stirrers!!!! When I will finish the light I am going to procced with the controller...
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Ah no problem, its nice to see it all together, feel free to post pictures of your light as well.  K05164
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Absolutely!!!! Now I am in the stage to connect all the heatsinks to create a big one 140cm x 20cm and then to make M3 holes for all the LEDS
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