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This its crazy!! Jajaja
After 4. Days connected the controller with my laptop monitoring the serial port the icon display never goes to red.
Then i disconnect the laptop and after 4 days working perfectly today again in red..
I think the problem its the rtc modul, because all datas its updating on display...only the clocks frozen.
I just order a new one to check it.
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But....also its strange because only restarting the. Controller the clock runs again and the time its correct.....
I think the problem its the comuncation between controller and rtc module
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#23 about the posibility of show the time on the main webpage of the controller to check it when im outside (i work a lot of time outside.hone).
And also a.button to restart the controller of time frozen...
Its easy???
I will take a look!
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Hi Jmcadsl, that is strange, it does sound like the RTC locks up in some form. I've been playing with mine and added some better troubleshooting code which I'm hoping verifies it's the RTC. Make the following changes to the controller sketch.

Go to line 1235 and you should see the following.

      error = Wire1.endTransmission();  
      if (error == 0) {}//Serial.println("found eeprom");   
      else i2cBusRecovery();      

Replace those 4 lines with the following 5 lines.

     error = Wire1.endTransmission();  
     if (error == 0) {Serial.println("found RTC");   }
     else if (error == 4) {Serial.println("found RTC but error reading");}
     else {Serial.println("RTC Missing"); i2cBusRecovery();}

With this change every 3 seconds it'll look for the RTC instead of eeprom, if it sees the RTC and no errors it'll print "found RTC" to serial monitor in Arduino IDE. If it finds it but doesn't get proper data it'll say "found RTC but error reading" and finally if it doesn't see the RTC it'll say "RTC missing" and will run the i2cBusRecovery function to try and fix the issue which obviously isn't working for you because the I2C bus is likely ok.

To test this open the serial monitor in Arduino IDE, once controller is running every 3 seconds you should see one of those lines above. I've been monitoring mine and noticed about every 20 to 30 tests it says "found RTC but error reading" but the next reading it'll go back to "found RTC" which is good. I'm wondering if yours will get stuck at "error reading" line which means the I2C bus still sees the RTC but it's not getting good data. If you unplug the RTC from controller you'll see it jumps to "RTC missing" and you'll get an email saying "I2C Recovery Ran". Plug it back in and it should go back to "found RTC" at least that's how its reacting for me.

Here's a change to make so you only get one email per controller restart, don't want to use up the quota from SMPT2GO so best to add this. 

Find line 2584 and you should see

void i2cBusRecovery()

just above that line add the following.

byte i2cEmailSent = 0;

Then find line 2609 and you should see


replace that with the following.

 if (i2cEmailSent == 0) {i2cEmail(); i2cEmailSent = 1;}

Now you can upload changes and test it out.
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Hi Rob....i think finally i found the problem.
Maybe you want to kill me....jajaja...sorry.

The last time when error appear i was just watching the controller and i see that problem appear in the moment thta the ATO pump start to work.
Then i thougth.....maybe the power consumption of the ATO pump its too much for the 12volts 2Amps power supply and the controller makes the fault??

Then i install a new power supply 5Amps, and fpr the moment (5 days) the problem didnt appear....

Sorry men!!
And thank you very much for your support!!
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Hi Jmcadsl, haha I don't want to kill you. :) A 2amp power supply is a little light if you're running pumps, display and controller running draw about 1amp and most power supplies can't do what they say they will. Makes senses when you had it plugged into your computer there was no issues because it was likely drawing extra power from it. Glad to hear you figured it out.
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Hi Rob!!!
Jorge from Spain again!!
I suppose you dont remember my issue....
Sometimes the icon "plug" red and controller continues.running but clock stop and also water temperature sensors.
I try to make a software reset when this icon goes to red. I was looking the best way to do.this on code....but im.not be able for this.
Could you helo me?
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Hi Jorge, oh no, how long has this been happening again? I just went through this thread again to refresh my memory, I see at the end it only appeared to be RTC related. How long are the wires from the RTC to controller board? I've been doing more with the I2C lately and have discovered just a couple extra inches of wires can mess everything up.

If you wanted to have the display reset when the plug turns red, in v4.2 find line 9507 and you should see the following.

if (communicating == 2) {webpageOpen = 0; internetEnabled = 0; if (screenSaverRunning == 0) {updateInternet(); myFiles.loadBitmap(741, 27, 45, 20, "disconn.raw");}}

At the end of this line you can see where it loads the red plug.

If you add this directly after it will restart the display.

   pinMode(resetPin, OUTPUT);
   digitalWrite(resetPin, LOW);

This is what it should look like updated.
if (communicating == 2) {webpageOpen = 0; internetEnabled = 0; if (screenSaverRunning == 0) {updateInternet(); myFiles.loadBitmap(741, 27, 45, 20, "disconn.raw"); pinMode(resetPin, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(resetPin, LOW);}}
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Hi Rob!
Thank you very much!
I will try!
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No problem, let me know how it goes.
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