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Display Problem
Hi Rob,
this morning I found my display as you can see in the photo (last night works perfect) I also tryed to re-flash both controller and display with no change...
What can I do?
thank you very much


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is the display shield properly attached to the display?
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Hi, yes, it try to boot until the bottom bar, the it go like the photo...
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start-up screen is normal?

did you try to replace the SD card, maybe it got corrupt
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Yes, start screen is normal... When it goes to the home page the problem appear...
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My guess would be the display files on the SD,
If it would be the display i would Think it would show the startup screen all scrambled
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Hi Simone, I think fietsenrex is correct, sounds like the SD card has gone bad or an image has corrupted. Try reformatting the card and replacing all the files, if you have logs copy them before formatting so you can put that back. If that doesn't work hopefully you have another card you can try.
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Thanks guys! I reformat the SD card, flash all the files again and it works! Didn't know what happened.. now I test it and in case I replace the display SD card...
Thank again!
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P.S. Rob, I've found in the customize display tab the auto dim Display function were missed, I don't know if you've removed it or not... Also in the custom rules screen if temperature are set to °C in custom rules list temperature is always shown in F...
I'm also doing some tests, and found that all the sensors readings on the main page doesn't refresh until I go in any page and then back to the main...
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Glad that worked, sounds like an image was corrupted.

The auto dim feature does work however I messed up a default setting so you'll see under the max brightness slider the box is selected, deselect it and selected again and it'll start working.

I'll look into the custom rules and let you know.

Someone else had that issue with sensors not updating on home page, it's crazy I can't remember what the problem was and can't find it in my messages. I emailed him and hopefully he remembers what sorted that out. Are you running v5.04?
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Well he's quicker than me and already replied, a restore defaults sorted that out. Maybe you didn't load pre-update sketches before updating to v5?

Go to system settings and press and hold restore defaults, when it finishes the controller/display will restart and things should start updating.
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Thank you Rob, very fast as always! After a restore defaults settings data from probes are now updating in main page. I only noticed a strange thing with a DS18B20, holding that by hand to raise the temperature, ramdomly temperature bumps to 125, 130, 60 °C and the next reading it shows the right temp... Should it be a sensor problem?
Also autodim now works... I'm running 5.04 version
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Glad to hear, for the DS18B20 it does sound like a possible sensor issue. I haven't seen any bad data come in yet, I think its ok. Maybe check the wires going into the green plug as I've seen almost all the strands broken and just moving the wire can cause funny readings. I just had to do that the other day.
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