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Data Logging / Graphs
Just to wrap this up, here's how it ended. In a few updates I'll be adding logs for the equipment as well.
  • Data is logged every 8 minutes 35 seconds for each of the sensors, if the sensor isn't plugged in no logs are created.
  • Each day a new log file is created and named in this format "wt-4-11-2016.txt  The "wt" at the beginning is water temperature, that prefix changes for each of the sensors. 
  • Each sensors log files are saved in their own folder.
  • You can view data daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. When using the bi-weekly view it goes back to 1977 lol...
  • You can turn on an optional vertical grid, the horizontal grid is always on
  • The daily view is instant, weekly view takes a second to load, bi-weekly 2 seconds and monthly just under 5 seconds.
  • You can change from a bar graph to a line graph.
  • Each of the views remembers the days you were last viewing. If you looked at January on the ph graph and then went to view the orp graph by the month you would also see January instead of something else, useful for comparing.
  • Times show in 12hr or 24hr format
  • Temperatures show in C or F.
[Image: Graphs_Page3.jpg]
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Hi Rob. I emailed Apex and Reefkeeper and asked for their sampling frequency. I haven't heard any thing from Apex but Reefkeeper replied. They sample every 5 minutes. So I think your right in the ballpark.
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Nice, thanks Chris. If I ever get these graphs online I'll up the sampling rate to match, just because it'll be done separately anyways. Now to finish up sensor actions and alerts and the update will be ready. Hopefully its not much longer, got side tracked on these graphs, this wasn't suppose to have happened yet.
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rob that graph looks great I think it is the best looking and most functional one out there most of the ones I have seen are just blah colored gray and don't do much I know where this would look great if you could mirror its out put on page 2 of the web page some time down the road
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When can we expect the update?
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Hi August, I was ready to release it on the weekend but created a problem so I have to track down first. Hopefully this weekend I can get it out.
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Hi Rob,
Any progress?
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Yeah its getting there, I want to make sure it has no problems, it shouldn't be much longer.
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