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Data Logging / Graphs
Hi, so I've been working hard on an update but got a bit side tracked. I always wanted to have nice graphs, well its now a reality.  K05164

To start it'll log the water temperature and ph, each will have there own graph. The color of the graph will be different for each parameter. Later I plan to make some kind of file so you can view the data in microsoft excel but that'll be down the road.

It'll log 10 days total and record every 8.5 minutes, after 10 days the old data gets deleted. Each page shows a full day and you can look back at the other days using the navigation. It also shows the current temperature or data the graph is for.

At the top of the graph is the hours, if you have the clock set to 24hr format it'll be like the image, if you have it on 12hr format you'll get 1a 1p, etc...

[Image: Graphs_Page.jpg]
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looks good will this be in the next update ?

rob will this be available using the website also? also wanted to ask on the index.html you use ajax to make the calls for the buttons and html 5 for the css ?
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Yeah it'll be next update, should be in a week or two.

It won't be on the website for a while, I'm sure one day. Yeah the site is done using ajax and css, it should look good on phones as well.
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Is the upgrade will also:
  1. Digital Clock Screensaver, dry as ON / OFF 21:00 PM 8:00 AM (picture)
  2. Setting extra time ON / OFF and ON / OFF (picture)

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Can't wait Rob!  Was actually just thinking about this yesterday.
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(03-22-2016, 11:41 AM)Irass Wrote: Is the upgrade will also:
  1. Digital Clock Screensaver, dry as ON / OFF 21:00 PM 8:00 AM (picture)
  2. Setting extra time ON / OFF and ON / OFF (picture)

Be able to chose  clock, t° or anything else on screensaver. As picture of our hobby or of mother of my wife... ??

Great! Rob, you are genius!
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see every one is on the band wagon with me but it will come later every one Rob has almost confirmed a maybe it could happen
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Hey guys, glad you like it. The screensaver or extra schedules for the outlets won't make this update, probably next, if I keep adding you'll never get the update haha. Good idea Dom on selecting a parameter as well.
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This look great, I have used the graphing on a lesser controller and it was difficult to read... Not with RT. Rob down the road when you provide access to the data via Excel or some other database program will you store more than 10 days worth? If you stored the data in csv or other standard format it could then be imported into whatever tool.
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I do not know if it is possible and what format he is saving the information file in but if I is common txt file you can import that just like csv and if it does not delete the file just reads the last 10 days then you can save a years worth of text and it would only be a meg or 2
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The file isn't csv but it is readable text. That's why I say I have to make something to remove those extra characters in the file. I'm pretty good with Access so later I'm going to make a program, you'll never know its Access and you don't even need it to run it. With this program you'll one click import the files and everything will go into the database, then you can view all kinds of charts and graphs. I don't really have a limit on how much data can be stored I choose 10 days because with that much data the graph still draws quickly. When the data is to much the graph slows down because to much to read. Down the road I'm going split the files into days so that isn't a problem. I would do it now but I've put so many hours into what I have now and its working very nicely so I must move on to other things.

Do you guys really care about data from a year ago? I can't imagine anyone going that far back in time. A month is stretching it...
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In the past I have referenced back to data a few months, especially after a problem with the tank. It's also interesting to look at trends over time as a tank matures and changes. In practice 60-90 days would be useful. Access would be a great tool to use.
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I'm thinking in the end it would be nice to be able to see maybe 20 days on the display and then using access go way back. Access is great, more powerful than most people think.
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Well I had a good night, you can now see 24 days on the controller and after day 24 the data goes into an archive file, one file for each day. The files are stored in a directory and the archive files in a sub directory and the file is named the unix timestamp when it was created.

So now there is no limit on how much history you collect, the limit is the card. It's all very fast as well, each day almost loads instantly. Speaking of memory cards the fastest seem to be around 4gb. I have 2 - 32gb cards but they run much slower. If anyone's images are loading kinda slow its because of the memory card, it can make a big difference.

So now my question is, what are the most important parameters to log?
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Oh I also changed the resolution of the graph, it changes when you change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. For celsuis you see temps between 3.8 and 38 degrees, if set to fahrenheit you see temps between 58.8 and 93 degrees. The graph height changes if the temps change by +- .1 degree and its quite clear on the graph when it happens.
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This sounds great, 24 days is plenty to see trends happening. I like the idea of mining the data with Access as needed after that. As far as what to log my thoughts would be, temp(s) water temp being the most important, all the probes RT supports, possibly the different parameters derived from the probes. Although that could be done in Access later on. For me the most important would be conductivity and pH but that may not be the case for all. I'm not sure about humidity nice to know but not critical for me.
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Oops, my bad its actually 23 days haha. I'm actually looking forward to making something nice with Access. Reason I ask which need logging the most is because I don't know if there's room for 10 graphs and everything else I still want to add.
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Here's the final look for the graph page, you can now switch between a line graph or bar graph. The graphs are perfectly accurate.

[Image: Graphs_Page.jpg]

[Image: Graphs_Page2.jpg]
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Now you'll be able to see the last 84 days of history on the display. Everything loads instantly. The date at the bottom of the screen also changes so you know the day you're looking at. I updated the images in the thread.
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(03-26-2016, 08:01 AM)robsworld78 Wrote: Now you'll be able to see the last 84 days of history on the display. Everything loads instantly. I updated the images in the thread. The date at the bottom of the screen also changes so you know the day you're looking at.

Rob, you are crazy!... K05163
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