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DIY Auto Skimmer Scraper
Just built this automatic skimmer scraper. Runs perfectly. Works off a dosing port and does a cleaning every 6 hours. 

Motor is from Amazon  

Wiper Blades are from a True Value Squeegee

I'll send files if you want to roll your own. It's obviously sized for my skimmer so you would have to mod the Blade Holder to suit your skimmer cup.

[Image: IMG_20181017_111115_zpsges4hsl1.jpg][Image: IMG_20181017_111144_zps8kgqgaph.jpg][Image: IMG_20181017_111047_zpsctkkli8h.jpg]
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Hey that's cool, I really like that motor.
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So after running this for awhile I have decided that it is not a great design. The sides stay nice and clean but tons of muck build up on the blades and affect the skimmer performance more than not having them. Back to drawing board. I have seen some wash down setups that periodically spray water in the tube. That would be complicated to pull off.
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Ah too bad, I'm sure you'll figure something out. :)
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