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DC 12v Solenoid Setup
I picked up a 12v rodi solenoid to empty my skimmer cup nightly as it's hooked into the drain line.  I had it wide open and the skimmer got some algae stuck in it and it emptied about 5 gallons in 10 minutes, lucky I was home!

I hooked it up to port 17, went into the settings and turned that accessory to 100% and set a schedule.  Measuring voltage across the line, I see OL and not any voltage even though its in the schedule time.

-Any suggestions as far a % goes for that solenoid?
-Any way to trigger the dc accessory on/off just like a power bar outlet?

Suggestions welcome!
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That solenoid should work, as it's 12v you'll want the port set to 100%. These port pins are all GND's so when testing with volt meter using any +12v pin and then GND on the accessory port.

If you customize the home page so the 4 DC port show you can touch them and the manual screen will open where you can turn on/off like the outlets. Once that works you can setup the schedules.

Once you get it working you might want to setup a custom rule using a float switch. If possible place it so if too much water is drained the float triggers and can close the valve.
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I was able to turn on and off the solenoid. But after leaving it on for about 10 minutes, and updating the display SD card, I'm having an issue. It seems port 17, 18, 19, 20 are ALWAYS reading 11.4v regardless of the state of the DC accessories on the display.

Gen 3 - Plug 10 - Measuring across +12v to 17, 18, 19, 20

Assuming it should be zero when they are off. Possible that I'm not measuring correctly?
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Hmm, these ports are good for 3amps, I've run that kind of load for a few hours with no heat or issues so I can't imagine it getting damaged, that value probably doesn't draw much power. Even if something happened the others should work.

Any chance you test them all before this happened?

Sounds like your are measuring correctly, positive probe on +12v and GND on 17, 18, 19, 20. When port is off the GND is lost so you should have 0v. For what it's worth can you try going to settings, system and press the "sync" button, also try pressing the "resume" button on home page dock. If this doesn't work I'll have to send you a sketch to test further.
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No luck after a sync, I'm still getting 11.64v across the accessory ports, regardless if the ports are on or off. Unfortunately, I didn't test them all before hand. Also, this is the first time I'm using Plug 10. Haven't had any accessories before now
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At any point did you make adjustments to the speed sliders for the ports? If you haven't can you go to settings, hardware, DC accessories and move the max sliders down to around 50% and see if the output voltage drops.

What controller PCB do you have? Based on timeline I'm thinking it's one of the first Gen3's which has resistor arrays. These were a lot smaller than I expected and were difficult to solder so I quickly changed to individual resistors. With that said I did screw up soldering on a couple of those arrays and wondering if that's the issue although this theory doesn't completely fit because you were switching it for a little while but maybe. If you let me know the controller board I will mark some points to check voltages on the board.
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Rob, that was it! I had the sliders all at 100, not split. I still think the on and off should work, but after setting them to 0 min 100 max, they work as expected with the on/off buttons
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Super and I should have questioned that first. I knew that was an issue but always forget about it. When the sliders are joined off value is on value so it doesn't shut off. I added the low level slider to cover more scenarios.
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