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Controller Faceplate
Hello, well I'm happy to say I finally have a nice faceplate for the controller.  K05164

I've been trying to find the best solution and happen to come across a product that used a PCB for the faceplate so that's exactly what I did as it's the cheapest method without a mass order, definitely better than trying to remember or good old masking tap...

I only got a front faceplate made as I wanted to make sure it would work but will be getting side plates soon.

[Image: DSCN7115-Optimized.JPG]

[Image: DSCN7108-Optimized.JPG]
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wow this really makes it look fantastic... I really do like the new face plates came out so clean looking you did a great job on them :)
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Thanks, I agree it looks much better with the face plate, now I just need one for the side and it's set.
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Looks awesome!! Great work!

Any chance you can do a pdf of that layout for printing a sticker for those of us that dont have a box that can support a faceplate?
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Thanks, I should be able to do that, I'll try and get something posted later today.
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Not critical Rob, we know you're busy with the new update, so just whenever you get some time.

When you get around to it, maybe include it with the "downloads" on the main site where we get update packages.
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I attached a zip file for the faceplate and added it to the downloads. There's 4 images and 2 PDF's, the PDF's you can print directly from printer and it'll be scale, need to change paper orientation to landscape though. I re-typed the text so it's clear when printed.

The images are scaled to size but when I tried printing them they weren't so you might have to play but 2 of those are transparent holes which could be useful. Hope it works for you.

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