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Coming Soon - All-In-One Power Bar Board
Hi, so I've been working on a board that has everything on it. One feature is a Digital to Analog converter for 8 of the LED channels so you can use any drivers without another board. I just ordered some new connector boards for the other kit which also has that feature along with hopefully fully working expansion hubs.

The point of this board is for those who want everything in a single small package. The board measures about 9.6" x 5.1" and fits the Bud Industries CU-3286 Project Box, that's the box in my images. The only expansion would be another box for 8 more AC power outlets if you wanted them, this box is good for 8.

It has 22 USB-A ports, 3 RJ45's and a power jack. One of the RJ45 has all 8 pins going to a header so they can be used for anything. You could add small jumpers from relays 9-16 and use the plug for them as an example. Could also be more dosing pumps in the future. It also has all kinds of jumpers so different ports can be configured to do different things. The arduinos go on the bottom and w5100 goes on top right side.

Here's a peak, still needs work but almost there.

[Image: Single_Board_Top.jpg]

[Image: Single_Board_Bottom.jpg]
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Coming Soon - All-In-One Power Bar Board - by Rob F - 12-27-2015, 10:13 AM

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