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Ai hydra
Does the controller work with robot tank?
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These new boards don't work with the Robo-Tank software, only Reef-pi.

Robo-Tank was the controller I was working on but recently stopped selling it because there were some issues in the latest software version and I needed to make some major changes to hardware and software to make it viable. In the end trying to do everything myself was ultimately too much work anyways, with others working on the software (Reef-pi) I can focus on hardware and everything else. I also hope to use Reef-pi as a learning tool by adding simple features to it.
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As far as I know the AI lamps only work via WiFi and don’t take a hardwired controller
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lol oh dear, I screwed up with that response. I need to learn to read the title of the thread, just read the question and assumed it was about Reef-pi, didn't realize it was about a light.

Thanks for jumping in fietsenrex, I think you're right on that.
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