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AC Outlet Icon Ideas
Hi, a while ago I made up some more icons for the AC outlets and the other day Iain contributed the last 6 icons, after converting to white I think they look pretty good. Right now there's only 10 icons so 25 is much better but I want more except I don't know what else to add, any ideas???

Here's the icons so far, the first 10 are what you already have.

[Image: icons1.png]

[Image: icons2.png]

[Image: icons3.png]

If you find any images that might look good or have ideas post them and I'll see what I can do.
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Sump light, cabinet light or something like that...
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That's something I should have thought of. :)
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the new addition looks great
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Thanks, surely you need something not there?
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The list looks complete to me.

I made my own chiller icon a while back if you're interested.
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Thanks, someone else sent me basically the same snowflake, I haven't used it yet because I don't like snow lol...
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