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180 Gal rebuild
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(07-22-2016, 02:19 PM)Steve S Wrote: Wow!

Don't get angry Steeve... Sorry, i wanted to help Rott and i read your answer to fast...
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...not angry  Sorry if it came off that way. It's just my use of caps for emphasis... Call them sentence enhancers. ;-) I guess it does look like I'm shouting.
Point taken.

Are those files that you and Rott mention assembly instructions, photo documentation, or at least annotated photos?
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You are welcome?. There is a picture of the board with explanations of all the ports. And also pictures how to wire the equipment plugged on each port.
Very clear, as usual with Rob ??
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Rott, look for the file Dom mentioned, hopefully you have it. Steve I think you don't have it because you ordered from a different listing which I forgot to add those files. I got a new mouse today, installed the software with it, it asked to restart computer and now my hard drive is messed up and it won't boot. :( Once I get up and going, fingers crossed, I'll get those added to your account.
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if it is a windows 7 machine right after start push f8 go in to safe mode and then uninstall the driver or use windows time machine or what ever it is called and go back to yesterday or day before and your good if it is windows 10 I can not remember the keys it is a new way you have to do it and it is under google if you need to look it up it just been 103f here today and it is miserable friggn hot and to make it all better it rained 2 towns over so we have 100% humidity God I hate summer
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It was win7, I went to an older hard drive, updated everything including drivers then went to upgrade to win10 before the deadline, what a cruel joke that was, screens of death and all kinds of errors and to top it off it wouldn't recover win7 so I was forced to reformat and start fresh with win7. Now I'm running updates and then have to install everything again, what a pain. 103 sounds a little warm, even for me, find some shade. :)
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I looked for the files for the expansion board but I don't have them in my download if Rob or Dom59 could send them to me would be great
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I'll get them added to your account tomorrow, still working on updating this computer so I don't have access to the files yet, so many updates...
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I just sent right now that file to Rott.
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Rob or anyone else what 2 pins does the buzzer get soldered to pin 10 and some thing else ready to solder it and can not remember where it goes
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(08-08-2016, 08:10 PM)rott Wrote: Rob or anyone else what 2 pins does the buzzer get soldered to pin 10 and some thing else ready to solder it and can not remember where it goes

Hey rott,

I asked Rob the same thing in a PM, so I'll just post his answer here.

Hi Steve, that buzzer attaches to the display Due. Sorry on the board you have I forgot to put a header for it but you can solder the wires directly to the display board.

The red wire goes to PWM pin 10 and the black goes to ground. No resistors are required.

I assume that you have the same boards...
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yup got the same as you

I extended the wire using some 22awg just have to find a pin out so I can find I ground pin with out having to take it all apart

got it back on thanks Steve
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so quite in here I thought I saw a mouse reading a few post in DIY forum
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lol yeah I better set the traps. Hope things are going good, I've been pretty busy with work lately but an update will be coming for sure.
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I been killing my self at work we got hit hard with cry baby Trojan couple hundred machines I was luck only 25 in my area but I am still trying to get new images on them all but doing ok other than that

also got a new TP-Link 16 port gigbit switch for my network at home very happy with it just need some SATA HDD now to fill up the new case it has a gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 V4 board 32G corsair 1333 ram and the AMD AM+ 8 core cpu in it with capacity of 15 Hdd's
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oh wow what a nightmare, a good fix is fuel and a lighter. :) Sounds like your network will be better than the university lol.
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I'm still planning to buy and this thread gave me some knowledge.
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(06-25-2019, 02:12 AM)ZeeSocial Wrote: I'm still planning to buy and this thread gave me some knowledge.

Hi ZeeSocial, glad the thread could be off help, if you have any questions feel free to start a thread or send me a message.
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