This is a pre-order and expected to ship September 30, 2019.

Robo-Tank Heavy Duty Dosing Pump Expansion

This expansion allows you to connect 4 additional Dosing Pump to Robo-Tank. Each port can run continually at 5 amps and the continual maximum for the board is 10 amps between the 4 ports. 

There's an on board microcontroller so no load is placed on the controller and each dosing pump has it's own 2 pin port and includes plugable screw terminal connectors which makes for easy connections. Like all others expansions it seamlessly integrates with Robo-Tank, you can control any of the ports using custom rules, schedules, feed mode and maintenance mode, just like the default ports on the controller. 

The expansion is constructed using high quality components, each port is protected against transient voltage surges and reverse voltage protection. It's packaged in a quality 3D printed case with a custom front face plate to give it that finished look. Simply plug it into a USB port on the controller or piggy back off any other expansion and plug in an external power supply. It also has a spare USB port at the back to connect another expansion.

LED Outlet Indicators

Never be left guessing, each port has an LED indicator so you always know if a port is on or off plus there's two additional LED's on the side, one is lite when the expansion is powered and the other LED will flash when it communicates with the controller.

Energy Monitoring

This feature won't be available until the controller software is updated, it could be 6 months away but the hardware will be compatible, as always software update are free and only the controller will require the update. When enabled you'll be able to monitor power consumption on each port using graphs etc. There will also be alerts to help detect faulty pumps.


All Robo-Tank expansions are fully compatible with any microcontroller that has an I2C bus such as any Arduino or Pi. There will be an open source Arduino library available in the future so you can be up and running in no time with your own project.

1 Year Warranty

Like the other industry leading competitors you can be at ease with your Robo-Tank expansion as its comes with a 1 year warranty, if anything fails simply contact us and ship it back and it'll be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion. Please note the warranty doesn't cover abuse or water damage and is not transferable. 


  • 4 Individual Ports
  • 6v - 24v input voltage
  • 6v - 24v output voltage (matches input voltage)
  • 5 amps max current per port
  • 10 amps total max current for expansion
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Output transition SOA protection
  • Transient surge protection for each port

Package Includes

  • Robo-Tank 4 Port Heavy Duty Dosing Pump Expansion (104mm x 56.4mm x 23.5mm)
  • 6' USB A Male to Male Cable
  • 5 Amp 12v DC Power Supply (please note if you have 24v dosing pumps you require a 24v power supply)
  • Case is 3D Printed, they are strong but there maybe some imperfections

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Robo-Tank Heavy Duty Dosing Pump Expansion

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