About Us

Robo-Tank is a small one-man company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

In early 2014 I setup my first planted tank and later updated to a 125g. At that point I wanted to automate my aquarium so I could do less work and just enjoy, little did I know it would lead to a lot of work with this project. I started looking at different controllers and soon figured out this was something I could make myself, that's when Robo-Tank was born.

Since the beginning I've had a vision and stuck with it. My goal was to have a nice display that was large, looked good and easy to navigate. It was also important to connect the display to the controller using one cable so it would be a clean installation without the mess of wires that comes with controllers. 

After a year or so of working out the circuits boards, I started selling Robo-Tank as quite a few people were following along on a forum and wanted the controller. I opened the website in September of 2015, after many revisions the controller has grown thanks to all how have supported me.

I'm committed to always improving the controller and supporting all my great customers, without you this wouldn't be possible, thanks!