Robo-Tank ATO System

Note: This ATO module is a standalone product and is not compatible with the deluxe controller. This simply does auto top off like other popular ATO's on the market. Some people don't want all-in-one controller so this an alternative. The deluxe controller you see on the website can run one or more ATO's using it's various ports so you likely won't require the ATO module unless you want it isolated from other automation. 

Robo-Tank Automatic Top Off (ATO) System - Standalone Product

The Robo-Tank Automatic Top Off is one of the safest and most accurate ATO systems available and will protect against floods or other catastrophes. The ATO is designed with multiple layers of redundancy which will keep water off your floor.

The hardware is designed using high quality, over-rated components and is assembled and tested in house. It has 4 sensor ports and a heavy duty DC pump port that monitors the energy being consumed by your water pump to warn when a pump may be going bad.

There's an optional 4th port that can be used for another ATO backup or to monitor the reservoir level.

Advanced Alarm Management

The ATO module has a loud internal buzzer, you can even adjust the volume. This will sound if anything fails so you can attend to the problem.



Every Aquarium is different, that's why the Robo-Tank ATO settings and sensors can be customized to your preferences. The default settings are acceptable for all tank sizes but maybe the system runs too often or fast for your liking, adjusting the different settings allows you to fine tune the system. 

Adjusting the 8 different settings is easy, use the 3 push buttons on the top along and the RGB LED will navigate you through the menu.

LED Outlet Indicators

Never be left guessing, the DC pump port has a convenient LED indicator so you always know if the pump is on or off, plus there's two additional LED's on the side. One lights up when the ATO module is powered and the other LED indicates the mode the ATO is operating in.

Energy Monitoring

The Robo-Tank ATO System is constantly monitoring the energy being consumed on the DC pump port, if it detects anything out of the ordinary the alarm will sound so you can attend to it. This is great for sniffing out those problem pumps that could become an issue.

2 Year Warranty

Like the industry leading competitors you can be at ease with your Robo-Tank ATO System as its comes with a 2 year warranty, if the ATO module fails simply contact us and ship it back and it'll be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion. Please note the warranty doesn't cover the sensors, pump, abuse or water damage. 

Robo-Tank Auto Top Off Complete Kit (ATO)

Robo-Tank Auto Top Off Complete Kit (ATO)

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Robo-Tank DIY Auto Top Off System - ATO

Robo-Tank DIY Auto Top Off System - ATO

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12V DC - 2A AC Adapter

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