Built to Last

Because these are constructed using high quality components and parts you'll have ample time to build a long term relationship with your power bar. To start it features a heavy duty printed circuit board using 2 ounces of copper instead of the typical single ounce, this will keep the current flowing without lifting the foil. 

Each of the 8 outlets are independently switched on and off using solid state relays (SSR's) which are the Cadillac of relays. These are electronic and contain no moving parts which dramatically increases their life span, they can be switched millions of times and no need to worry about contacts corroding from saltwater environments.  SSR's are also silent and switch instantly unlike their electromagnetic counterpart. 

Inductive loads, bring 'em on. Motors, fans, pumps and the like are no problem, each SSR is fully isolated up to 1500v and have a snubber and TVS circuit keeping them safe from over-voltage caused when inductive loads are switched off. Each outlet also has it's own fuse with a larger fuse for the overall power bar that will keep everything safe.

Energy Monitoring

Guess no more, each of the 8 outlets are separately monitoring power consumption such as voltage, amps, watts, cost etc.. Get an in depth understanding of how efficient your aquarium is, this can save you piles of money over time and not to mention the environment. This information can be used to detect problems with equipment and even predict if something is about to fail. This is possible because over time the controller learns how much current typically flows through an outlet and if a change is seen you can be alerted, of course you can set your own alerts and custom rules as well.

Multi-Level Fail Safe Detection

This isn't your average power bar, we know in the real world a lot can happen but with the Robo-Tank AC power bar you're covered. First if the power bar loses communication with the controller it will go in a pre-programmed fail safe mode, you can program a state for each outlet to fall back to in this event. This is also great for power outages, if you have the power bar connected to an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) your protected from disaster. Each outlet will automatically go into the pre-programmed state and keep your tank on life support. Once the power is restored and connection is resumed to the controller everything will resume back to normal operation, you'll receive an email telling your the controller was down and for how long plus all the vital parameters so you know the condition of your aquarium. As an extra layer of protection the circuit board has some plug-able jumpers to configure a default state for each outlet. This is the same as the pre-programmed fail safe however this is a last resort if the the power bar microcontroller is taken out in. These features alone are worth the price of admission and can turn a catastrophe into a good story.

USB Ports

The AC Power bar has 2 USB ports to make a clean connection to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. It has a spare USB port to add another AC power bar to your setup or any other Robo-Tank accessory. A maximum of 8 AC power bars can be connected simultaneously. 

Power Ratings

The power bar can be used worldwide, it operates on 120v-240v AC and can withstand 15 amps of current overall but fused at 12 amps for extra security. Each of the 8 outlets are individually fuses at 7 amps so in the event of a catastrophic equipment failure the fuse will blow which will protect the power bar and any other equipment connected and allow the other outlets to remaining functioning.

LED Outlet Indicators

Never be left guessing, each outlet has an LED indicator so you always know if an outlet is on or off, this is handy feature that is often overlooked. There's two additional LED's, one is lite when the power bar is fully energized so you know all systems are working and the other LED will turn on when a connection to the controller is detected.

Fully Serviceable

Something nobody likes to think about but life happens and sometimes things break, that's why the power bar was designed to be fully serviceable. If you can use a screwdriver and soldering iron anything can be replaced on the PCB, no need for expensive replacements.


The power bar is compatible with any microcontroller that has an I2C bus such as any Arduino or Pi. There will be an open source Arduino library available so you can be up and running in no time with your own project.

1 Year Warranty

Like the other industry leading competitors you can be at ease with your Robo-Tank power bar as its comes with a 1 year warranty, if you anything fails simply contact and ship the power bar to us and it'll be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion. Please note the warranty doesn't cover abuse or water damage and is not transferable. 

Package Includes

  • Robo-Tank 8 Outlet AC Power Bar (242.8mm x 167mm x 40.5mm)
  • 5' AC Power Cord
  • 6' USB A Male to Male Cable
  • Case is 3D Printed, they are strong but there maybe some imperfections

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Robo-Tank AC Power Bar with Power Monitoring

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